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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  February 3, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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are the president's policiless holding back minorities? larry elder said keeping black communities dependent on government workings. >> i don't know. there is it a lot of things i don't know. >> budget cuts and is chuck hagel the right choice to run the department of defense . hoda with a testament . power of the human spirit. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckleberry. [ applause ] >> thank you very great audience here upon tonight and thank you for joining us . welcome to huckleberry from
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the fox news stud yoyless. if you thought you had a rough week just be glad you are not al gore. he is peddling his book which lecturings us to heed the clarion call to turn down the thermostat on global warning . the usual suspects on the predictable left was having a hard time to hear al's sermon because what he does is it luder than anything else. he just sold current tv to al-jazeera that gets funding from the country of qatar that gets his money from oil reservings. can mogul gorp gore who has current tv and sells to qatar, can mogul al gore co-exist with activist ark al gore? >> you near business with this count reap that is enabling your ultsmate foe climate
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change >> i think i understand what you are getting at. ouch. >> you know, al should have done my show. i would be nicer than his pals in the other networkings. but the duplicity of us and rush to sell out of a pathetically unsuccessful network tv to al-jazeera so he could avoid the higher tax rate. al-jazeera is owned by oil-country of qatar that made al gore and his cronies 15-- 500 million that had fewer viewirs than those on the test station of diluth, minnesota at 2:00 a.m.. his take 100 million . fossil fuel funds drilled out of a sand much a network that has a trade mark, balance covering osama bin laden . that is it of course, before
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bin laden was dispatched to a region where not even a deep drill bit can reach. he flies in fleist jets and drinkings more fuel than drinkings and living in a 20,000 square foot mansion. that uses more energy than some small countryings. >> that is not an issue for you. after you pay the fair share of taxings. and sphair me the self rightous high horse act of why you are a good protector of the environment. your high horse is a stick horse and phonep as a three dollar bill and you an illusion that you are keeping us from cooking in a hot box called planet earth. there are celebrity and environmentalist they don't agree with but i respect them. they are living out what they say.
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edbeckly and darryl hannah practice a minimalist life style. they ought to be admired because their beliefs match their behavior. goir gore asks us to ride bikes and huddle under blankets and turn off the lights while he crankings up the gulf stream jet is goes at super sonic speed so he could remind us oil is it killing the planet. when he neemeded to dump bleeding tv channel high sold it for 30 pieces of silver. more than that. black texas tea and enough to keep the gore flying for a along time. we should call him instead of al gore. we should call him oil gore. [ applause ] earlier this week a group of republican senators announced a plan to citizenship for more
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than 11 million im. pennsylvania congressman bar leta said republicans are only making the move because of the by thing they took from the hispanic voters in the last election. congressman bar lita and the chairman of the house committee and they join me now. great to have you here. thank you for being on the show. [ applause ]. >> thank you, gov goch. >> lou. >> i hope you are doing well. >> i am doing very well. lou, starting with you. you had comments about the immigration issue and maybe that the republicans are playing this politically, and not for a principle reason . ip want to read a statement that you made and tell my how going forward republicans can make this work and here's the statement. it said i hope politics is not at the root of why we are rushing to pass a bill. if you think you will win over
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the latino vote is mistaken. the majority that are here are low skills and may not have a high school diploma . the republican party will not be able to compete. they will be democrats because of the social programs they depend on congressman start there how hard is did to get reform if you think it is it more at play to solve the practical. >> number one, any time we offer a path way to citizenship first we are seen e sending a green light for million to come illegally so they can benefit for american citizenship. our borders are still open and can't control them coming in illegally and we know a cost bised on the herit agfoundation study will be 2.6
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trillion dollars because the majority will be lower paying workers who will be paying in much less. that is 2.6 trillion after the tax revenue versus the benefit of the programs that they are going to need to live here in the united states that. will grow because the number will double just like it did in 1986 because of the enticement to come here illegally. >> tray, there are going to be serious issue that is your commit eye will have to deal w. invision for yus describe the path way toship would look like. >> right now, governor, there are broad prince pems and no piece of legislation. what i try to do is find a census or harmony between two principles. the humanity that i really do think defines us as a people and respect for the rule of law that defines us.
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i am a former prosecutor. it would be disingenous to do anything other than respect the rule of law. we had this conversation in 1986 . this is it the last time we are talking about immigration . but thape didn't secure the border and practice employment verification. now we have quintuple the immigrants. 1986 didn't fix it marko rubio and jeff flake whose credentials are there . lind sape graham. border security and employment verifications are condition precedent. i heard the path way to citizenship and legal status is different than citizenship. there is no guarantee at the end of the ardous path there will be full-fledged citizen. some folks want to come out of the shadows and live a virtous legal life without citizenship
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but with legal status. how do we harmonize them and look thement in the eye and say we are skeptical and rightfully so . this is the last time we'll have this conversationads a country. that's what i am looking for. >> and lou. what kind much do you have with your constitents. >> we have 22 million americans that are out of work and the focus on this debate is it always about the person who is it hire illegally . where i believe it should be. the people who are affected by policy that we will create and affect us for decades to come. >> i talked about standing up for the legal american immigrant and new citizens that came here. is it helpful to add 20 more million workers for their jobs when so many people are out of work? we are not giving them the opportunity they should be
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giting . this stay temporary legal status that. is a temporary amnesty status. i don't believe we'll be able to accomplish all of the policy ideas that are in this proposal and at the same time millions will flock here to benefit from the mal protection. you can now live here under the of this bill. upon republicans are told if they don't find a way to resolve that they will be politically irrelevant. how do you figure to reconcile the principle and politics of it all. >> history undercut that is and supports lou's analysis. when president reagan gavam esty. the next candidate got less of the vote. and the notion we are one path
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way away and historic vorpts and historically untrue. we have to have the conversation with civility and facts and grace to one another . if you come down on separate sides. you hispanic voters will watch whether or not our tone is right. we have to acknowledge. i was blessed to be born through this country through no work of my own. i understand why people want to come here and come to this and wol wanted -- one. reasons they do. when we favor them. we are finished as a robbery . employment and border security . stop the human trafficking and count on the humanity of our fellow citizens to have a conversation about a path of
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legality. thank you for being here. we'll watch to see if it happens this year. good to center you both. >> black voters overwhelmingly voted for depem demcandidates and republican policies are better for the black community. he will be here to explain why coming up next. >> i would like to error from you. go to mike huckleberry.comand tell me what you think on the leave food back and follow me on twitter. [ male announcer ] zzzquil™ sleep-aid. it's not for colds. it's not for pain. it's just for sleep. because sleep is a beautiful thing™. ♪ zzzquil™. the non-habit forming sleep-aid from the makers of nyquil®.
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>> my next guest talking about giving everybody a equal shot of the american dream . want to keep black people dependent on the government. welcome back larry elder. good to have you here. point black. are the policy. democratic party good for africa-american? >> the policies are not good for americans of any race. i had atfis smiley and cornel west . i informed them under ronald reagan, black adult unemployment fem faster . hispanic unemployment fell
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faster than white . latino fell white unemployment and both of them said i was wrong. tavis promised to get the numbers. that a year ago. >> still waiting on them. >> when obama took over it it is it now 14 percent. emmanuel cleaver of the congressional black caucus said 14 percent. if there were a person in office we would be marchingolt white house . on met the press thape said blackings are fairing worse under president obama. he was describing the numbers. the fact of the matter is it, my father said i never got a job from a poor person. take money from rich people you have problems. ronald reagan lowered taxes and slowed down the spending. obama has done the opposite. >> what you said makings
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perfect sense. but that is not popular when you talk about it in the africa-american community is it >> it is not. but i dare say 90 percent of the people. high told black people in the economic recovery we would be lookingalt 14 percent unemployment and that is lower than the people that abandoned it a substantial number of people would not have voted for him. the number one reason the economy and he's not delivering. >> talk about the policiless that are hurting black americanings whampt were the policiless that you feel have kept people from being able to move forward. >> when i was in college we read a back called the negro family a case near national academies. >> 20 of the blacks were born out of wet lookings that has tripem for whites is it 35 percent. we have rewarded people and
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given women financial incent itches and allowed the men to abandoneded thet. bill cosbee called them unwed fathers. >> single parent hood and kids growing up and stipulated by taxpayers and government are programless. they don't want to make it so the kids don't have food or healthcare. . >> when i talk to blook. i try not to use the heritage foundation that did study on absent fathers and dropping out of high school and crime and getting on welfare. charles murray did a book called losingly ground and the damage done by the nuclear family. it is it call would tupac. >> and they like to hear me say if i had a father in my life i would have had
8:19 pm
confidence and more discipline. he is one of the stow-called black leaders to come on i haven't got jesse jackson or al sharpton or farrakhan . i said mr. enflume. white racism or absent much black fathers who which is a bigger threat. >> he said the absent of blacks. >> what is this the republicans do to better communicate that the policiless that the republicans would impower africa-american more than the policies than they current lie have. >> when a republican advises me on how to talk to the black people. talk to them like they are adults and stay what i just said. not how you knew somebody who marched with martin luther king and i am feeling your pain . they do it with the bist of intention but talk the way i . it is nopt working. guy and great smile and great
8:20 pm
family and the fact he got elected in the fact that america is it color blind. it is it not working. >> vua message that is resonating. i hope you will continue to use that wonderful voice you have. larry elder. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> larry elder. chuck hagel gets grilled in the senate confirmation hearingings and homeland security wants to -- what we'll find out when we come back . mipe reaction in the notable quotables is nextxtxtxtxt÷÷
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>> earlier this week president obama talked about immigration
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reform and his speech had a different theme. that's what is kicking off our memorable quotes of the week. >> our economy. our economy . economic. our economy . congress is unable to move forward in a timely fashion. i will send up ape bill basod my proposal and insist they vote on it right away. >> of course high will. he will incyst . he hasn't put forth many bills other than obama care . anyway. ment trive minute peach that spent million.6 to fly out to stregas to make was supposed to be immigration. 25 minutes he talk body the economy 10 timings. that's not immigration. but it is it my thought good people in the department of the homeland security want to keep american statuses safe . so earlier this week they
8:25 pm
released a video to let you know how to best protect yourself from a attacking gunman. >> if you are caught out by a gunman. consider to overpower the shooter. because if they are comingalt you with a gun. i will reach for the scissorings. [ applause ] it is it the safer version and that way if you are running with them. less likely to put out your eye. hire is it a tip to department . security. have a woman equal two the one coming at you. that's the ideal . if they want a video to show you how to deal with someone who is attacking you. they have one out in the
8:26 pm
public demain already. it stars indiana jones. ♪ that's how it is done right there. all right. defense security nominee faced tough. many of them came from former colleagues and arizona senator john mccain. >> i don't know. i can't give you an example. i was handed a note that i misspoke and said i supported the passport's position on containment. i meant to stay his position on containment we don't. >> the question is were you right or wrong. that stistraightforward
8:27 pm
question. i would like to answer whether you are right or wrong and you are free to elaborate. >> i am not going to gich you a yes or no answer. >> no . he never did . this is it want gipe who be secretary much defense. the let's hope someone in the united states senate realize that chuck may be a nice guy and great friend to them in the senate but if you watch the testimony it is it obvious he's not up to the task of being secretary . defense. it upon mean he is ready for this particular job . it reminds me in the vice-president debates when a american hero in a moment misunderstood by a lot of people . he was saying it tongue in check. but forever remembered and when i watched chuck haggle.
8:28 pm
it reminded me of admiral. >> who am i? why am i here? >> i like to give the president advice. not that he would take it from me. but just in case. if he needs someone who might center certainty and what he believes to be secretary of defense, i have the perfect solution for him. watch. stur prize, surprise, stur prize. >> you know. why not? on monday iran claimed it successful lie sent ape monkey in outer sphace on the rocket. it raised concerns that the technology could be used for launching long range missims that could carry nuclear weapons. people at peta. this is what they say.
8:29 pm
>> we are apalm would by the monkey crudely strapped in a restraint device and launched in space by the iranian sphace agency. when i look at the picture of the little monkep. i don't see he is afraid of the space ride. he's afraid of going back to iran and deal with the nut job that is it leading the count reap. that would scare me, too. i rather go to sphace one way than go back under that regime. >> budget cuts are forcing our military to phrink . the most powerful force in the world. world. i am ask four star [ male announcer ] when you wear dentures you may not know
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head there for headlinings. >> next month the u.s. department of the defense is set to be hit with cuts. the army will cut 80,000 troops and the navy's active
8:34 pm
ships will be reduced 10 percent. that is short of the global requirements . some of our enemies are doubling their military might. is it just a matter of the time that we are not the most powerful military force in the world. joining us now. four star general jack king. talk about what these cuts are going to meet to the military if they go through. >> they are extremely significant . remember these cuts were designed to be so horrific that we would not take them and now we are on the pres pice of doing that very thing and they come on the heels . this is it what the viewers have to understand. the cut took place of 487 billion dollars of the defense department over the 10 years . stow this would be 500 billion dollar cut inspection to that
8:35 pm
. that bringings the navy and army back to preworld war ii in termless -- terms of number of ships and sold yerse. adverse impacts are prepare tod do something of consequence in the world. it is it drathematic . serious in the terms of the risk facing our count reap. >> would it make sense if we were safe. but general, we have count reese like iran and russia and china that are greatly accelerating their management budgets and forces. how does this change the balance of power from the united states as a dominant force to maybe some other country being the dominant military presence? >> there is no secret in the world certainly, governor that the united states economy is in a weakened cycle. but the fact that the united states military is going to be
8:36 pm
weakened as a result much our policies is quite extraordinary . that will as it has in the past. testimony encourage our adversears and embold end them to take much more riskings with their adventurist movement and things to achieve gerks o politically in the world. you can sigh it playing out before our eyes with the rise of al qaeda and affiliated. twice the size in iraq after we left our troops there a year and half ago . now the most aggressive and successful affiliated group in syria . the beng bing attack and lack of response to the bengazi attack brought on the mali attack . this is going to continue even further if the united states is not capable of responding.
8:37 pm
>> we nide to be concerned about the poof a nuclear device some say in a year. is there any reason they would be afraid of the united states intervening to stop them as we scale back our military? >> let me just be clear. the iranians have not believed the rhetoric that we have used for a long time now. that is all military options are on the tble. the iranians don't believe that, goch goch. they believe want united states is interested in diplomacy and sanctions and at the end of the day, it will accept a nuclear iran and try to contain a nuclear iran in the middle east . that's the position that they hommed when it come tots united states . they have all . to indicate that that is true. the reason is, look at the pressure that we have put on the israelis that are coming closer to using a military option . the iranians read that if the
8:38 pm
united states they would be joined with the israelis . as opposed to trying to stop the room rammings. they realize that the united states does not have the stomach for this and they are continuing that nuclear development program and nothing going to stop them from acheeching the end other than theral rammings. >> thank you for your service to the count reap. no one gets to wear four stars on the shoulder without an amount of history and giving sack facial - sack - sacraficial lie to america. i thank you. hoda with a testament. hoda with a testament. power of the h h h h h this is so so soft. hey hun, remember you only need a few sheets. hmph! [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft is made with extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent.
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hoda is a journalist and a author that faced extreme challenges in their lives and overcame them. i spoke with hoda earlier. you write about people overcoming adversity. you are no stranger to it you came out of that stronger and a lot of people are demoralized and afraid. houp do you come out stronger. >> i was going through breast cancer and divorce simultanously . the tendency is to would hold up . if you can break it through
8:43 pm
divorce or breast cancer and if you are teetering. you get four words and they are you can't scare me. i got those four words after i made it through breast cancer and something interesting happened. when i was at nbc and i never asked for a job. i sat and waited for someone to notice my. i decide i have ape new thing going on . i feel strong and i will ask about a new hour of today and i am going to ask for that job. i took the elevator up to the 52nd floor and i walked in and fement empowered. you can't scare me. i want this job. in the end of the day, if you feel strong inside and you have confidence you can get what you want. i feel blessed to do that. and you take the lives of and
8:44 pm
one . stories was about the person that you met just days after 9/11. it is it a powerful story and i want you to tell what happened. >> it was a guy name would ron clifford. who went down the world trade center for work and that was when all hell broke loose. he was trying to help a woman who was burned from head to toe and wrapping her nup a table clothe and trying to protect her. that is tragic enough to witness it his sister and niece were in one . planes above him . he didn't learn that until later. a horrible, horrible tragedy ask he lost them . what is weird, mike when i first sat down to ron to interview him, he was sitting there ask he said to me, what is your name? i hadn't met him before . i said my name is hoda.
8:45 pm
he said what kind of a name is hoda. i saidip am e. he said stand up. he learned all of that horrible news and i thought oh, my god, this guy is so mad and he is going to do. i might do something to me . the closest thing you can get. he wrapped his arms around me and he hugged me and i started crying. because he was hugging me . he said i loved an war sad at and it a beautiful country and high was consoling me which i felt so unreal and i loved him from that minute and when i think about it i get choked up. you will see in the book how he emerge would 10 years later and you think this guy should be you know, just really getting treatment none stop. he found his way out, too. >> the book filmed with these great and wonderful reminders
8:46 pm
of the capacity of a human being to overcome incredibly adversity. speaking of adversity. you worked with kathy lee gifford. >> are you stopping. >> no, we are not getting close to stopping. you had a long tradition fourth hour of today. you celebrate with a little glass of red wine. i know that you recently decide that you are giving up the wine a month and we wanted you to feel at home. wed you not wine. i don't want you to break your pact with kathy lee. wed with you baptist wine. grape juice and you will feel at home. >> mike, only you. only you. let me plac sure that is what it is it. that is baptist win. -- wine >> it is a great, great reminder of a great country and great people.
8:47 pm
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>> you have heard the music in countless movies and smash broadway hits. i had the pleasure of having dinner with marvin in one much thoyce miserable washington dinners where the politician and press pretend to like each other and telling snarky jokes about each other. marvin and i ignored the political foolishness and we talked music and it was one of the most wonderful evenings of my life. his work earned him three academy awards. two for the way we were starg
8:51 pm
barbie striesland and one for the sting. ♪ hallish created the score based on the music of scott jop lin . won a prize for writing music in the chorus line and one of only two people to win a emmy, agreement and oscar and tony and pull lighters. he passed away last august and leaving behind a lasting legacy on the music world. >> joining us now for a musical tribute. mark, who held a lead roll in les mis . he worked closely with hamlish for over 21 yearings. >> what ape pleasure to have you hire. >> marvin employees a genous and there is no other way to put it >> no doubt. >> one thing that unique he composed music in every genre imaginable and most people
8:52 pm
can't do that. why is that so unique? >> want focus of most mups is one genre and they try to get as good as they can. marvin is it one of those individuals gets interested in almost everything. he doesn't focus on one thing. he focused on a plectora of thingings at one time . the uniqueness of that, he could be playing jazz one even classical the next evening and that kept him interested in what he was doing. >> we'll do a medley. it would take hour to do a significant medley. a beautiful arrangement here. joe baker on the piano tonight put the arrangement together . mark lee on drums and mark is it on guitar and kind of nice to have mark mcvey doing the
8:53 pm
vocals on it >> why are fortunate. thank you so much. >> let's pay tribute to marvin hamlish. ♪ ♪ ♪ memories, like the corners my mind. ♪ makes you -- misty colored memories of the way we were. ♪ no body did it better. ♪ sometimes i wish someone could. ♪ nobody did it half as good as you. ♪ why did you have to be so good.
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♪ please don't let this feeling end, it is everything i am, everything i long to be. ♪ i can see what's mine now. ♪ finding out what's true. ♪ since i found you. looking through the eyes of love. snoit ♪ ♪ , one singing senation and every little step he takes. ♪ one thrilling combination every move that he makes.
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♪ whose side given your attention. snolt who i really have to mention. ♪ he's the one. ♪ ♪ love is never done ... ♪ and as we travel on. ♪ love is what we'll remember. ♪ kiss the day goodbye. ♪ and for tomorrow. and wish me luck the same to you. ♪ don't forget and regret what i did for love.
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♪ so it is the laughir. ♪ we will remember. ♪ when ever we remember. ♪ the way we were. ♪ the way we were. ♪ [ applause ] >> and thank you so much. mark, great to have you here . thanks for joining us and i highway patrol you had a great week remembering music . until next time in new york. good night . god bless.
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